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Headlines of WaiWai column (2008)

Headlines of the Mainichi Newspapers' WaiWai column (2008):

2008-01-01 Pornographers plead to police: Don't be a stick flick in the mud!
2008-01-02 Doll's diddling in dentist's chair keeps male patients coming back for more
2008-01-03 Cops go to work on oldest profession in the world
2008-01-04 Brutal rapist and murderer the alleged flip side of Saitama family man
2008-01-04 Eeeek, it's the year of the McRat!
2008-01-04 Tabloid Tidbits: Shoplifting 'seafood samurai' attacks security guard with crab
2008-01-05 Bronzed babes in bikinis bare bulging biceps in battle of the body builders
2008-01-07 Kiddy fiddlers quivering after teacher's arrest blows lid on Hokkaido child porn biz
2008-01-08 Wayward woodwind teacher arrested for showing schoolgirls how to blow
2008-01-09 Campus Confidential: Co-eds collect currency conducting extracurricular coitus
2008-01-11 Aged 18-20? Been sexually abused by a parent? Not our problem, say Japanese authorities
2008-01-11 Sexy thespian Tomoko Yamaguchi uses booby trap to snare audience for TV show
2008-01-12 Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen
2008-01-14 Despite Kabukicho's sex trade going limp, love hotels start 2008 with a bang
2008-01-15 'Lolicon' lovers out of luck as cops put the clamps on schoolgirl smut biz
2008-01-16 Men's 'sexually harassing' hairy chests get under gals' skin
2008-01-16 The 90th chinaware and household goods fair
2008-01-19 As petrol prices push upward, papa-sans' play purchases poised to plummet!
2008-01-21 Something fishy between the sheets as women make like tuna to get men down the aisle
2008-01-23 Inside tips to avoid being screwed by teens turning tricks
2008-01-24 Perverted driving instructor's private lessons made up of parking own 'hot rod'
2008-01-25 Molestation junkie confesses to a career of chikan-ery
2008-01-26 Fetid conditions may make summer Olympics a springboard for spreading sickness
2008-01-26 Tabloid Tidbits: Schoolgirl sex sellers use codes for carnality
2008-01-29 Japan gets mixed economic data for December
2008-01-29 Japanese women are sexually sick as they come
2008-01-30 Perverted psychic pinched for slipping healing hands into the 'honey pot'
2008-01-31 Wanton women cry that men jerk their shot and miss the real target
2008-02-01 Hikaru Kawamura Strives To Stop Secret Skinflick From Seeing The Light Of Day
2008-02-02 Forlorn female physician, naughty nurse, minister to patients with tender, loving lust
2008-02-05 She-male flicks peel off perverted packaging, provide professional polish
2008-02-09 Don't risk rubbing your gal the wrong way with second-rate sex toys from China
2008-02-12 Education, Osaka-style: Sneaky love hotel sets up shop next to school
2008-02-16 Here's how, Hiroshi: Eager gals give guys their sexpert opinions
2008-02-20 Steamy Shanghai period flick's feisty performers show plenty of lust, not much caution
2008-02-21 Karate teacher uses below the black belt skills to master schoolgirl seduction
2008-02-23 Naughty Nagoya shop offers oral hors d'ouvres before serving the main course
2008-02-25 Feckless fishmonger faces flak for foisting fatal fugu on famished foreign female
2008-02-26 Lesbian manga and the art of gilding the lily
2008-02-27 Looks like s**t, smells like s**t, tastes like s**t ... it must be do-it-yourself natto
2008-02-29 Kansai conman had mistresses eating out of his hand while he ate out of their wallets
2008-03-01 Whistle while you work: weirdo's willy writhes and wiggles to sonic seduction
2008-03-01 Tabloid Tidbits: Tokyo bureaucrats clamp down hard on nipples, other racy photo spreads
2008-03-03 Rival Geek Schools Let Off Steam At Akiba's New Trainspotter Paradise
2008-03-04 More Japanese cutting out the middleman with dating sims and sex toys
2008-03-07 Osaka's female 'Cat's Eye' crime trio more porcine than feline
2008-03-08 Blood, toil, tears and smut: the '4K' world of the pink publishing industry
2008-03-12 Cops promise crackdown on sick salarymen's dirty desires for 'junior goods'
2008-03-14 How to sell sex in Japan without falling foul of the 'law'
2008-03-15 Teeny-bopper deri-heru hanky-panky -- the best little jail bait in Saitama
2008-03-20 Wicked website packages pre-teen gaijin girl pedophilia for Japanese fetishes
2008-03-22 Get wet and go wild: housewife rakes in extra loot at the neighborhood body wash
2008-03-27 Tabloid Tidbits: Japan subjected to U.S. military 'Deserter Storm'
2008-03-28 Sex-crazed grad school boss's en suite 'love hotel' revealed in indecency trial
2008-03-28 Kabukicho's pink businesses complain new hotel brings up the tone
2008-03-29 Chinese lathered up over Liu Longnian's lewd lessons in lusty lingo
2008-03-31 The day the red lights went out in Japan
2008-04-01 Wicked queen lived spoiled life in family palace as little prince starved
2008-04-03 Multi-Sexy Akiba Idol Asuka Sawamoto Climbs Up By Flashing The Top Of The Mountain
2008-04-05 Pleasures of peering at plummeting pink petals provoke primal passions
2008-04-09 Kids' theme park predator gives little girl wicked hands-on work experience
2008-04-10 Career bubble girl's DVD shares sudsy secrets of soapland sex shops
2008-04-12 Downtown deri-heru damsels deliver delights, diminish depression, drive out drudgery
2008-04-12 Tabloid Tidbits: Clumsy cop the link between mutilated Filipina and slain stalker victim
2008-04-17 Who needs a gym when you have Chocoball's 'station bento' sexercise workout?
2008-04-18 U.S. soldiers in Japanese jails cop sweet deal compared to natives
2008-04-18 Ex-Morning Musume star Ai Kago blazing a trail back to top (using a cigarette lighter)
2008-04-19 New sex services hold out a healthy helping hand to halt those mean metabolic blues
2008-04-19 Tabloid Tidbits: Woman stabs future father-in-law over misread marriage opposition
2008-04-22 New clutch of Tokyo panty flashing bars offer the best view in the house
2008-04-25 Post-bubble prettyboys showing a fetish for the full facial
2008-04-26 Tabloid Tidbits: Toyohashi teacher's teenage temptress makes Aichi say 'Ouch!'
2008-04-28 Porn filmed in Japanese McDonald's? I'm rubbin' it!
2008-05-01 Adult movie makers ring the right pokes with portable porn
2008-05-02 Beach volleyball star and Olympic no-show Miwa Asao pays the bills without the skills
2008-05-02 Cops take a crack at closing the doors (and legs) at Osaka panty-flashing clubs
2008-05-04 Tabloid Tidbits: Rooms filled with deadly gas and blotchy corpses? Welcome to Japan's gas panic
2008-05-08 Fear of outing drives cross-dressing druggie sadist into deadly night-long orgy of torture
2008-05-15 Naughty schoolgirls serve up 'espressos' to go at 'encounter cafes'
2008-05-21 Diaper site offers comfort and peace of mind to infantile fetishists
2008-05-27 Japanese bondage documentary 'Bakushi' knot suitable for faint-hearted
2008-06-07 Tabloid Tidbits: Trouble teacher collared for trespassing
2008-06-13 New Queen of S&M' Aya Sugimoto's latest flick takes a beating
2008-06-16 Crown Prince departs for Brazil trip without ailing Princess Masako
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