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Headlines of WaiWai column (2006-2007)

Headlines of the Mainichi Newspapers' WaiWai column (2006-2007):

2006-01-02 Curious case of cat-nipped toes impossible to ig-gnaw
2006-01-03 Happiness hunters find fukubukuro fun bags
2006-01-04 Noodles down, crime up, and butts beat boobs in 2006
2006-01-05 Rent-a-guards giving Japan false sense of security
2006-01-06 Does lack of snow indicate Mount Fuji's about to blow?
2006-01-06 Fans fret over figure skater's ever bigger figure
2006-01-07 Porn starlets move on to inspiring second careers
2006-01-09 Children form own vigilante groups to protect themselves from pedophiles
2006-01-10 In-laws open dark closet to find mysterious mom's baby corpses
2006-01-11 From child abuse to gangster shootouts in Roppongi, tough times tipped for 2
2006-01-12 The all-important guide on how to flee a temblor following a knee-trembler
2006-01-13 No money, no honey!
2006-01-13 Pop-culture vultures spy cracks in famous family unit
2006-01-14 Japanese find there's more to Seattle than Suzuki and Starbucks
2006-01-16 Mom watches as teen daughter gets 'hooked' on family business
2006-01-17 Disgruntled old nags bolt the gate on spoiled gray stallions
2006-01-18 Set sail and buy your own Gilligan's Island in Japan
2006-01-19 Reverent pet lovers visit shrines with bows and wows
2006-01-20 Foreign sex workers get dirty digging for Japanese roots
2006-01-21 Guess who's not coming to dinner. . .
2006-01-23 Dog Year dames take some licking in working skin to the bone
2006-01-24 Lengthy King Kong remake fails to scale to Empire State Building heights
2006-01-25 From pythons to panties, the things passengers leave behind in taxis
2006-01-26 Forget cars and consumer goods, Japan's latest great export is lazy young bu
2006-01-27 Horie's Hinano sucks the wind from beneath his wings
2006-01-27 Geek girls read into new gender roles with gay guys' manga
2006-01-28 Money misunderstandings threaten to take shine off sumoist's stellar performance
2006-01-30 Police zoom in on business daily shutterbug over teen porn queen focus
2006-01-31 Fallen Horiemon's new digs -- 3 tatami mats with bento and butt service
2006-02-01 Eco-friendly erotica drives clean-energy cathouses
2006-02-02 Curtain draws on Self-Defense Force stripper who plugged for peace
2006-02-02 This week's weeklies go backdoor over Livedoor
2006-02-03 Self-fulfilling prophet in seventh heaven with harem of eleven
2006-02-03 Kids' superhero getting bum rap over gay porn film
2006-02-04 Ten years on, AIDS time bomb still ticking
2006-02-06 Desperate housewife goes up for auction, highest bidder goes down
2006-02-07 Ex 'office lady' for tainted condo firm shakes, rattles and rolls in penance
2006-02-08 Tokyo's ugly duckling bops to marching melody in search of a face-lift
2006-02-09 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, an alien with a schoolgirl slipper fetish
2006-02-10 Surly schoolgirls sick of seeing ice queen make up excuses
2006-02-10 Japan's got the best bums under the sun
2006-02-11 Tantric restaurant does wonders for flagging sexual appetites
2006-02-11 Weeklies take the mickey out of Miki
2006-02-13 Distribution of female condoms set to smash Olympic record
2006-02-14 More men convinced marriage leads to life of misery
2006-02-15 Saitama's Sharapova at forefront of housewives' flash the flesh fad
2006-02-16 Brutal 'martial art' babes pummel porno pipsqueaks
2006-02-16 Princess' pregnancy subdues the sleaze
2006-02-17 Gundam robot craze still a powerful force in modern-world galaxy
2006-02-17 Superstar Seiko reins in teen daughter's wild ride
2006-02-18 Ideal mate remains elusive for many
2006-02-20 Gals lick up ultra super-sized cream cones
2006-02-21 Former celebrity cannibal struggles for next meal
2006-02-22 Business-minded transsexuals a cut above your average salaryman
2006-02-23 Pachinko-holic support group rolls to the rescue
2006-02-23 Tabloid targets skating on thin ice
2006-02-24 Japan's handicapped facilities -- ready, willing but disabled
2006-02-24 Bonk buddies? Damned if they did, damned if they didn't
2006-02-25 The day Japan's red lights flickered out
2006-02-27 Pedophilic promo has manga maniacs panting for pre-schooler panties
2006-02-28 After K-1 KO, 'Makebono' bounces back from the dead
2006-03-01 Hell's bells ring in justice for pervert pastor
2006-03-02 Japan's former Pink Princess trades raunchy scenes for rural canteen
2006-03-03 Problems with your private parts? Wake up and smell the petals!
2006-03-03 Golden girl Arakawa tremendous in Turin, but still prone to the odd booby
2006-03-04 A strange and spooky evening in Kyoto
2006-03-04 Hailing the heroine, Japanese weekly magazine-style
2006-03-06 Angry fans take Fuji TV by the short and curling
2006-03-07 World's a pearl-filled oyster for Japanese beauty queens
2006-03-08 Nation's politicians can turn to manga for diplomatic dope
2006-03-09 Deadly rat plague riles Tokyo residents
2006-03-10 Yon-sama Pachinko has Japan's older generation by the round and shinies
2006-03-10 Asahara attempts to pull the nasty over shrinks
2006-03-11 'Gothic Lolitas' massage their way into geeks' hearts
2006-03-11 Sandstorms sweep through China
2006-03-11 Starved for stories, weeklies have a right royal time
2006-03-13 Kobe bus stop naming rights get more red light than green light
2006-03-15 Schoolgirl beats off poseurs and peepers to become air guitar queen
2006-03-15 Japan's pop stars lead the world in band name bloopers
2006-03-16 Japan's "Millionairesses" splash the cash on "feel good" lingerie
2006-03-17 Cash-strapped gangsters go online to survive
2006-03-17 Koizumi releases stress with legendary lewdness
2006-03-18 Arrests cast glare on shady world of commercialized combat
2006-03-19 Weeklies tease, torment, traumatize 'Tongue-tied' Taizo
2006-03-20 J-porn awards go down from the sublime to the ridiculous
2006-03-21 Japan's 'second virgins' are camels in a dry spell
2006-03-22 Aichi's festivals let it all hang out
2006-03-23 Japan's cuisine reaches sublime heights and squid-flavored chocolate lows
2006-03-23 This week's weeklies: Insulin killing accusations get nasty
2006-03-24 Japan's Lotharios paying up for ladies putting out
2006-03-24 'Tongue-tied' Taizo's alleged arm candy denies affair
2006-03-25 Guys just wanna be sycophantic girly men
2006-03-27 Gen Y and the art of modern-day geisha maintenance
2006-03-28 Gender-bending blokes back in the buff for Japanese photo exhibition
2006-03-29 Party people's passions flare as cherry blossom season arrives
2006-03-30 Beware of the hot dogs at Japan's convenience stores
2006-03-31 Hungry housewives make a bit on the side through amateur porn
2006-03-31 Ex-Livedoor's Ayako Otobe heads for the stars
2006-04-01 Diamond, death and demon drugs dominate this week's weeklies
2006-04-01 From washing dogs to toy boys, desperate job-seekers turn to 'extreme' methods
2006-04-03 Frustrated grandma tries to give daughter-in-law the chop
2006-04-04 And then there were nuns...
2006-04-05 Sexy Kano sisters flash the flesh but men denied a peek
2006-04-06 Bondage master Arisue not yet at the end of his rope
2006-04-07 Japanese husbands whine as neglected Chinese brides do a runner
2006-04-07 High-rise killer Imai a former pillar of community
2006-04-08 Dithering DPJ and cruel killer take charge in wild weeklies
2006-04-08 Behind-the-scenes sleaze at the TV networks
2006-04-10 Pampering parents turn blind eye to bad-mannered brats
2006-04-11 Teacher of the Toilet travels long, dark road in pursuit of the perfect loo
2006-04-12 Amazing architect explains how to build your very own cardboard castle
2006-04-13 Long-suffering love hotel employees dread spring's crazy couple season
2006-04-14 Mobile manga beats out hard copy for lazy literati
2005-10-15 J-Pop princess KOs Kano in steamy snapshot sales
2006-04-15 Take a look at how the wild weeklies covered Japan this week
2006-04-15 Spring romance goes high tech with the latest condom goodies
2006-04-15 Japanese women's attentions turn from Korea's cute corn to Taiwan's trendy t
2006-04-18 Hot spring skinny-dippers test the waters with flesh-eating fish
2006-04-19 Japan's ultimate 'chick magnet' car flys the coop
2006-04-20 Were the murder victims merely shunned, or shunned to death?
2006-04-21 Gangs wince as 'born to be mild' bikers hit the road once more
2006-04-21 Skating star Miki Ando stumbles on and off the ice
2006-04-22 U.K.-born actress sheds prissy Pollyanna portrayal to morph into lusty lassie
2006-04-22 Take cover! How the wild weeklies saw Japan this week
2006-04-24 Celebrity mom marks first grandchild with a serving of late-40s cheesecake
2006-04-25 For sale: Japanese castle, 15 years old, good as new
2006-04-26 Bald boxer loses wig but battles back to win fight, hearts, even hair
2006-04-27 Shin-chan sweet sales turn bitter as Bandai takes a mouthful of the market
2006-04-28 Marriages in the mire as housewives frolic further afield
2006-04-28 Shinjo leaves the ballpark for a quiet life of nude modelling
2006-04-29 Magazine serves up helpful advice for those with champagne tastes and beer bankrolls
2006-04-30 Uncovered! Exposing the wicked weeklies
2006-05-01 Middle-aged star stalker saved from jail by blubbering dad
2006-05-02 SDF girl drops the rifle for the pink pistol and joins the ranks of the adult industry
2006-05-03 Tears flow over nostalgic Showa Period boom
2006-05-04 New rules of attraction say every dog has her day
2006-05-04 News rules of attraction say every dog has her day
2006-05-05 Bizarre case of 'the man with his eye on mask'
2006-05-05 An inside look at Moussaoui's likely fate
2006-05-06 Dispatches from the gender battlefield
2006-05-06 Lusty lady takes quartet of toy boys for a spin
2006-05-08 Just plain disturbing: Japan's newest batch of idols on the wrong side of 10
2006-05-09 Frisky Futa-kun demonstrates everything you ever wanted to know about lesser
2006-05-10 Trendsetters slip on sexy Nude Sandals
2006-05-11 Rip-and-run camera crews feed the popular 'panty dropping' DVD market
2006-05-12 Self-professed 'real otaku' rips into 'moe' fetish fakers
2006-05-12 'Demon mother' Chizuko Okamoto alleged architect of 'apartment of agony'
2006-05-13 "Y" is for yakuza -- you got a problem with that?
2006-05-14 Weeklies uncovered! Exposing Japan's gaudy glossies
2006-05-15 Older gals happy to play with their boy toys
2006-05-16 Frozen mandarins sweeten up life in the Big Mikan
2006-05-17 Oh what a feeling! Toyota lawsuit to drive up price of sex harassment punish
2006-05-18 Crying: Japan's latest feel-good frenzy
2006-05-19 Beauty queen-turned-scalpel jockey says ugly women should 'choose to be beau
2006-05-19 Greener pastures await in the States for 'Show-Me-The-Money' Shizuka
2006-05-20 Manga overseas editions take off in earnest
2006-05-20 Unveiling the lowbrows
2006-05-22 Neighbor from hell hits Chinese restaurant with deluge of unwanted 'takeaway
2006-05-23 Gals turned on when guys notice their hairdos, give a shoulder to lean on
2006-05-24 Allegations of abuse see turtle monster raising its ugly head
2006-05-25 'Zainichi' Korean descendants take a leaf from home in fighting off cherry-p
2006-05-26 Barmaid-molesting mayor's wife takes flak for outing sordid details
2006-05-26 Politicians crack down on Love Hotel Hill, but can't stop the love
2006-05-27 Former princess proving an astute shopper
2006-05-27 Cover up! The real face of Japan's wacky weeklies
2006-05-29 Long arm of the law launches lens up woman's skirt
2006-05-30 Dead cat blues: Woman stashes 75 moggies' mortal remains in fridge
2006-05-31 Japan's new national pastime? Panty peeking
2006-06-01 Sex workers on the ball with World Cup fever
2006-06-02 Sexagenarian soothsayer seething over unforeseen exposure
2006-06-02 TV's lolloping lard buckets traded in for prancing prettyboys
2006-06-03 Odd couples breathe new pain into stage performances
2006-06-04 'Cover'-ing Japan's scandals
2006-06-05 Ladies flash the cash, but don't want the money shot in their dirty DVDs
2006-06-06 From the Land of Zen comes SOM, the sound of one hand clapping off
2006-06-07 Okinawans living off the fat of the land of the fat
2006-06-08 Ramen cooks' fortunes sinking into their soup thanks to recent economy growt
2006-06-09 Gossip rag dredges up salaciously sordid past of alleged Akita kid-killer
2006-06-09 Treasure hunters attracted to Japan's legendary Holy Grail
2006-06-10 Why gays make good roommates
2006-06-11 Wacky weeklies un-'covered'
2006-06-12 Wild adventures at Osaka's mysterious mouthy monthly mansion
2006-06-13 Mystery broadcasting employee goes from TV to AV
2006-06-14 Crooning comic has last laugh with stalking song
2006-06-15 PM claims five-knuckle shuffle, not wedlock, helps secure grip on power
2006-06-16 Plagiarizing painter plummets from grace
2006-06-16 Face-busting fisticuffs hailed as new path to social harmony
2006-06-17 News bureau generates hot story of its own
2006-06-18 Japan's weeklies unveil "the news"
2006-06-18 Love hotels letting Japanese use ball handling skills during World Cup
2006-06-20 The transvestite tales of a public pen-pusher
2006-06-21 Ads for sanitary products come out of the closet
2006-06-22 Rich retirees splash the cash to live the dream
2006-06-23 Avoid a fornication fatality with the medics' guide to post-coital first aid
2006-06-23 Hand jiving pro-wrestler Koriki is the foul face of new cute
2006-06-24 Wealth, poverty and the shrinking middle class
2006-06-24 Wacky weeklies reveal themselves to the world
2006-06-26 Mami Matsuyama as 'Fighting Beauty'
2006-06-26 Rennai NEETs, the new generation of social dropouts: No job, no prospects an
2006-06-27 Faulty flush sensors driving toilet travelers potty
2006-06-28 Former hostess queen says life no cabaret for hard-up kyabajo gals
2006-06-29 Giant coffee cups make it big with the ladies
2006-06-30 Wannabe Indys seek Japan's Holy Grail - a pair of panties - in online treasure hunts
2006-06-30 Cash-splashing celebrity surgeon's daughter Kanako Ikeda's kidnap ordeal
2006-07-01 "YouTube" Web site has Japan's broadcasters in a tizzy
2006-07-01 Weeklies rip it off for summer
2006-07-03 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy toy
2006-07-04 Meet Kaji from Kawasaki -- Japan's straight champion for gay rights
2006-07-05 Baseball's keg carrying babes hit a homerun with fans
2006-07-06 Devoted hubbys scream their love from historic Gunma cabbage patch
2006-07-07 Turtle travail leaves pop princess Natsumi Abe fuming in the spotlight
2006-07-07 Life of a professional mistress not always a fistful of yen
2006-07-08 Shibuya's sleazy happening bars offer chaotic, erotic action at bargain prices
2006-07-09 Weeklies reveal their intimates
2006-07-10 Japan's young workers dream about living in a bubble
2006-07-11 Backlash over new 'women's only' craze has Japan split down the middle
2006-07-12 Look, up in the sky ... It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a comedian.
2006-07-13 10 percent of Japanese men in their 40s still virgins
2006-07-14 Top sumo supporter bites the dust for grappling with teenage prostitutes
2006-07-14 Good girl pays the price for being naughty instead of nice
2006-07-15 'Clean' Nagano's dark, dirty secret: AIDS
2006-07-15 Weeklies expose it all for summer
2006-07-17 Bogus Buddhist seeks sweetie, gains enlightenment instead
2006-07-18 Ancient strippers still spreading their butterfly wings at prestigious university
2006-07-19 Naughty bathhouses fear new female governor will pull plug on brothel town
2006-07-20 Eighties business buzz-words leave OLs sniggering
2006-07-21 'Showbiz' Shizuka Arakawa's jet-setting lifestyle puts pinch on family
2006-07-21 One, two, poo in your shoe; three, four, wee on the floor
2006-07-22 Booming host club industry another indicator of economic recovery
2006-07-22 Down and dirty with the weeklies
2006-07-24 Kept men living the life of Riley on their darlings' dosh
2006-07-25 Support group for female otaku offers Rent-A-Nerd service
2006-07-26 Long arm of the Tokyo law wrestles with Akihabara's street geeks
2006-07-28 Skeletons under the floorboards? Mum's the word for Japanese realtors
2006-07-28 Yumiko Shaku's romantic dreams exposed by legendarily leaky lover
2006-07-29 Weeklies unveil as Japan heats up
2006-07-29 Foreign legionnaire proves young Japanese can still tough it out
2006-07-31 Under-the-covers columnist proves a hard man is good to find
2006-08-01 Manga could mean difference between life and death for notorious curry poiso
2006-08-02 Company finds crock at end of rainbow filled with filthy fun
2006-08-03 Stripping back to bare facts and naked truths about neo-nudism in Japan
2006-08-04 Kurara's one little miss who doesn't miss a trick
2006-08-04 Oxygen bars breathe new life into jaded Japanese
2006-08-05 Scary summer tales from Roppongi Hills
2006-08-05 Summertime, and the weeklies are easy
2006-08-07 Origami swami urges followers to touch cloth
2006-08-08 Bra builder brings out big guns to make mountains out of mole hills
2006-08-09 Coke: A sign of good taste in 1957, but dwindling sales are a sign of the times
2006-08-10 Sexless sisters just need their love button flicked to turn on
2006-08-11 Tokyo's gay community puts in own bid for 'dream' park slated for Olympic games
2006-08-11 Sick, savage sadist rose from ruins of rotten rich kid
2006-08-12 For today's lewd lassies, the good vibes just keep on coming
2006-08-13 Wacky weeklies 'un-covered'
2006-08-14 Humbled hosts swing both ways as heartthrobs for hire
2006-08-15 Boy named 'Devil' rises up from hell after parents abandon him
2006-08-16 Fertility temple rises to the task to help couples sow the seed
2006-08-17 Talent scout takes troubled former AUM cultist under his wing
2006-08-18 Kitakyushu killer tortured family of 7 into fighting for approval -- to the death
2006-08-18 Old man Kameda bites his tongue after cussing Koki's critics
2006-08-19 Read your gal a titillating tale, then get ready for a frantic frolic
2006-08-21 Controversial Koizumi has Yasukuni Shrine worshippers eating out of his hands
2006-08-22 Heard about the guy who had a sex-change after his girlfriend said she's a lesbian?
2006-08-23 Hey all you silly cell phone strap lovers, who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!
2006-08-24 Cops deflate air mat master's slip and slide sex services
2006-08-25 J-Pop princesses in dirty duel for chart queen crown
2006-08-25 Middle-aged men put the mettle to the petal
2006-08-26 Japanese prove easy prey for Chinese honey traps
2006-08-27 Getting freaky with the weeklies
2006-08-28 A sign some are cross after decidedly unholy hanky-panky goes on in Christian-run home
2006-08-29 Shibuya cracks up at government's crackdown on sleaze
2006-08-30 'Model mothers' strip their kids for cash
2006-08-31 Japan's bunkered golf courses turn to fairer sex to blast back onto the fairway
2006-09-01 Gangster gals tame wild lions to become timid lambs
2006-09-01 'Handkerchief Prince' Saito has Yon-sama's housewife brigade in a flap
2006-09-02 Low-priced "gourmet" getaways give guys cheap chance to grope a gal
2006-09-03 Taking a peek at the weeklies
2006-09-04 Seedy Kabukicho dancing to an African beat
2006-09-05 Japanese housewives hoard away secret stash while giving hard-working hubbie
2006-09-06 Mountain of money woes dwarves once-mighty Giants
2006-09-07 Film that dares to flash the flange all in the name of art
2006-09-08 Slutty schoolgirls and self-circumcisions: All in a day's work for a urologi
2006-09-08 Engineering student Ayumi Nakatani tragic victim of unhinged classmate
2006-09-09 Dissatisfied wives waiting to spring trap on hapless hubbies
2006-09-09 The Gospel according to The Weeklies
2006-09-11 Party funerals add life to changing memorial service industry
2006-09-12 Design awards' limp stance leaves adult aid manufacturer with lump in his th
2006-09-13 Hey all you spoiled 'bubble generation' parents, grow up!
2006-09-14 'Terrorist paradise' Japan needs its own CIA
2006-09-15 Cops jam a stick in the spokes of free-wheeling felons
2006-09-15 Cop a look at the week's wild weeklies
2006-09-15 Needle-wielding ex-madam Shiori Suzuki faces court for attempted murder of hubby
2006-09-16 Teachers come not-so-clean on their sexy moonlighting jobs
2006-09-18 Cops debrief panty thief over mountains of unmentionables
2006-09-19 Top cop in hot water for giving reporter wrong sort of hot tip
2006-09-20 Funky art on show at the fried octopus ball museum
2006-09-21 Japan's air sex world champion licks himself into shape
2006-09-22 Guys: No need to feel a boob about buying your lady some lingerie
2006-09-22 Third strike for naughty number cruncher Kazuhide Uekusa
2006-09-23 Women take an eye for an eye, especially on moving trains
2006-09-25 The weeklies: lewd, crude and rude
2006-09-25 Aging angler swears there's nothing better than feel of invisible mountain skyfish
2006-09-26 Hula dancing he-men shake off middle-aged woes
2006-09-27 Train Cafe takes hands-on approach in fight against molesting
2006-09-28 Wise Japanese investors add love hotels, starlets to their portfolios
2006-09-29 Japan's online communities turning from SNS to S.E.X.
2006-09-29 Cross-dressing Yakkun Sakurazuka's handlers tight-lipped on comic's past
2006-09-30 Pampered pro concubines pursue a well-paid double life
2006-09-30 Sneak a peek through the window of Japan's weeklies
2006-10-02 Top baseball commentator the latest to strike out in NTV's string of sex scandals
2006-10-03 New grooming service offers pedigree pit stop for stinky salarymen
2006-10-04 Wanted: Tortured old male virgins with a creative mind!
2006-10-05 Fortune favors those who worship their washrooms
2006-10-06 Teenage trooper's suicide reveals the darker side of the Imperial Guard
2006-10-07 Fetching foodles revel in the fine arts
2006-10-08 Salacious weeklies crank up the sleaze
2006-10-09 Forget flowers, pervy professor says it with a rope and an eye mask
2006-10-10 Operator of notorious bulletin board lost in cyber space
2006-10-11 Japan's concept of free love lost in translation
2006-10-12 'Rich' otaku geeks right for the robbing
2006-10-13 Automated athletes pound Omotesando pavement in cybernetic 'sprint' competit
2006-10-13 Dad says no end in sight for 5-year Ayu-Nagase love saga
2006-10-14 Kansai's red lights still glowing strong
2006-10-14 Weeklies take a walk on the wild side
2006-10-16 Chocolate baths the latest treat to melt away those wrinkles
2006-10-16 Business booms for fallout shelter industry following North Korea's nuclear
2006-10-18 Adventurous couples thrust Dream Love Chairs into overdrive
2006-10-19 Japan's latest gourmet gimmick: one-grain sushi
2006-10-20 Four lusty lasses share the trials of a life without climax
2006-10-20 'Thirst' Lady Akie Abe no punk in drublic
2006-10-21 English teaching DVDs get low down and dirty
2006-10-22 Weeklies zoom in on celebrity slipups
2006-10-23 Maverick doctor tastes the forbidden fruits of the gynecological world
2006-10-24 Three-week boot camp whips humped-out hookers back into shape
2006-10-25 Homeless celebrity courts an unusual profession
2006-10-26 From mummified mermaids to flying demons, unusual exhibition a real monster
2006-10-27 New love confession service takes the pain out of breaking the ice
2006-10-27 Supermodel suffers slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
2006-10-28 Academia dumbing down to keep enrollments up
2006-10-29 Wild weeklies show their face
2006-10-30 Loose laws leave adoption trade vulnerable to sexual predators
2006-10-31 Strippers add soft personal touch to Toyota workers meetings in Philippines
2006-11-01 Losing your mobile phone a real wake-up call
2006-11-02 Pesky perverts pry on otaku's dolled-up maids
2006-11-03 Geeks' cheeks hit the seats of Akihabara's new luxury lavatory
2006-11-03 Hisako Shirata sheds sexy celluloid stardom for beauty queen future
2006-11-04 Former teenage killer now a lady killer?
2006-11-06 Developers flush after developing waterless water closet
2006-11-07 Buzz on handy gPod a poison apple for US giant
2006-11-08 Take that job and shove it!
2006-11-09 Crackdown on sex industry drives STDs through the roof
2006-11-10 Surefire ways to lure the ladies (Just don't mention the 'Love Hotel')
2006-11-10 Gambling godfather wants sexy superstar to be his 'Numero Uno'
2006-11-11 The world and Japan look at each other, to see who blinks first
2006-11-12 Wicked weeklies sling the sleaze
2006-11-13 Coworkers use blundering used car salesman as air rifle target, ashtray
2006-11-14 New mobile phone lets women surf both the net and the crimson tide
2006-11-15 Revenge of the retiring Baby Boomers! Parasite kids left to life of slavery
2006-11-15 Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax
2006-11-17 World's oldest profession sees slide in work ethic
2006-11-17 Transvestite troubadour a sucker for the tall, possessive type
2006-11-18 Sexy soul sisters shine in Shinjuku
2006-11-19 It's getting cold outside : Time to snuggle up with the weeklies
2006-11-20 Shopping diva screws up courage for a public screwing
2006-11-21 Bidet brigade's bottoms feel the burn after a nasty bout of 'washlette syndr
2006-11-22 New magazine says 'yes' to bringing gay industry out of the closet
2006-11-23 Tokyo Disney Resort faces a whole new world -- without sponsors
2006-11-24 Schools encourage kids to get down and dirty, but experts worry about infection
2006-11-24 Feng shui-ing Fujiwara to haul Kansai comic down the aisle at auspicious hour
2006-11-25 Roppongi pox doctor gives the scoop on schoolgirls and STDs
2006-11-26 Weeklies deliver sandbag of sleaze to the back of the knees
2006-11-27 Cabaret club 'devils' let the 'butterflies of the night' out of the closet
2006-11-28 Host clubs bond together to clean up soiled image
2006-11-29 Never surrender soldier joins fight to keep women conservative
2006-11-30 Geeks can't get enough of genitalia picture book for doctors
2006-12-01 Increasing incidence of 'Kiss Disease' blamed on hyper-hygienic parents
2006-12-01 Maestro Sakamoto taken to the cleaners by ex-wife after 16-year divorce battle
2006-12-02 Elite Todai co-ed gets cherry popped on camera
2006-12-02 What's shaking with the weeklies?
2006-12-04 Surgeon says demise of hymen restoration operations no skin off his, er... nose?
2006-12-05 Daring director uses fake groping case to take a crack at Japan's legal vultures
2006-12-06 Dyejobs make for the nearest stylist as hair experts proclaim black is back
2006-12-07 Snake-eating starlet props up the last of the traveling freak shows
2006-12-08 Japan's latest titillating trend: Hiding those huge hooters!
2006-12-08 Romantic runaway back in Japan to kiss and tell
2006-12-09 Invitations to party at her place another source of male-female miscommunica
2006-12-09 No rest for the wicked weeklies
2006-12-11 Flags of Our Fathers: Japanese Iwo Jima eyewitness tells it in his own words
2006-12-12 Healthy dirty mind prevents pensioner porn star from petering out
2006-12-13 When all else fails to impress that guy in the office, bend over and flash the flesh
2006-12-14 Posh punters snap up upper crust undies
2006-12-15 Seafood fanatics forget fugu: you've a new poison to pick
2006-12-15 Cheeky Chika worried sick over Japan's big breast obsession
2006-12-16 Baby boomers' blood boils over crass daughters in law
2006-12-16 Giving the lowdown on the lowbrows
2006-12-18 Cell phones help wives' doubts ring true about cheating husbands
2006-12-19 Neighbor from hell drowns enemies in sea of wee wee
2006-12-20 Rising up in protest over the long and short of penis size
2006-12-21 Author dismisses government's fear mongering myth of crime wave by foreigner
2006-12-22 No equality of the sexes when it comes to Christmas lavishes
2006-12-22 Internet leak of personal pics strips teaser of privacy
2006-12-23 More sexless couples turning to test tubes to produce progeny
2006-12-25 First Lady Abe learns that you can't have your cake and eat it too
2006-12-26 Taking aim at Japan's washroom wonders
2006-12-27 Call an ambulance! I've cut my fingernail!
2006-12-28 Move over Tiger Woods, North Korea's dumpy Dear Leader has your number!
2006-12-29 Glass-jawed guys cower as the 'weaker sex' comes out swinging
2006-12-29 Accused multiple murderess pins it all on allegedly incestuous stepson
2006-12-30 Glamorous race queens 'fess up to off-track shenanigans

2007-01-01 Foul-mouthed festival goers tell priests to &!%@#$! tradition
2007-01-02 Performers join viewers to complain about NHK's 'kohaku' -- but just about t
2007-01-03 Kabukicho host lists the top 10 changes to Tokyo's reddest of red light districts
2007-01-04 15 seconds of fame makes blabbering bird cock of the walk
2007-01-05 Being a boar hasn't been this interesting in 600 years!
2007-01-05 Stalking granny just wanted to share a cuppa tea
2007-01-06 Swinging couple 'Jack & Rose' to hold Osaka gangbang today
2007-01-08 Study finds a nip at night no sure cure for insomnia
2007-01-09 Fake beard trend set to stick
2007-01-10 Japan's latest loincloth-clad superhero: 'Go on, eat me!'
2007-01-11 Busty babe puts pushy policemen in their place
2007-01-12 Millions eager to star in Japan's filthiest home videos
2007-01-12 Well-to-do family shattered by brutal murder of would-be starlet by psychotic sibling
2007-01-13 When being the first is nothing to be proud of
2007-01-13 Ringing in another year of sleaze with the weeklies
2007-01-15 Social security sex services titillate Baby Boomers' pension plans
2007-01-16 One couple's spat is another's spouse-bashing -- at least in San Francisco
2007-01-17 Lights go out on Japan's Saturday Night Fever
2007-01-18 Shiga Prefecture's schoolgirls boast of skimpiest skirts in Japan
2007-01-19 Japan's mouth-watering way to denude workplace of sexual harassment
2007-01-19 Wannabe marriage counselor pulls abusive husband to pieces
2007-01-20 For better or for worse, marriages endure
2007-01-21 Getting the low down from the low brows
2007-01-22 Sinking starlets see nothing wrong in stripping to save career
2007-01-23 Horny housewives heading off to Bangkok to grab a slice of the Thai life
2007-01-24 No sex please at this rent-a-gigolo service
2007-01-25 I'm gumming! Hillbilly hookers redefine pillow talk
2007-01-26 Specialist call service takes taboo issue of disabled sex head on
2007-01-26 The lesser-known side of embattled confectioner's iconic Peko-chan
2007-01-27 Multiple personality teen swings between heaven and hell, with singers on the way
2007-01-27 Another dose of weekly wickedness
2007-01-29 Zen and the art of writing English kanji
2007-01-30 Magazine derails over women only carriages being used as make-up rooms
2007-01-31 Dirty director lends more than an ear to the virtues of married women
2007-02-01 Japan Cherry Boys Club vows to end innocence by drawing lines, practicing judo
2007-02-02 Tiny tattooed terror defends delinquent daughter's 'honor' with the cruelest
2007-02-02 Yongsama laughing all the way to the bank thanks to cash cows with a yen for his won
2007-02-03 Stripper's blazing performance makes fans shout 'fire' in a crowded theater
2007-02-03 Weeklies crank up into overdrive
2007-02-05 Companies and cops lumbered with bubble-era buffoons
2007-02-06 Sumo has bigger problems than bribery to worry about
2007-02-07 Shrinking pantyhose market clings to 'f*ing Motesto' for survival
2007-02-08 Green-fingered quake watchers get their gardening mitts on Earthquake Plants
2007-02-09 Masked marriages set to crack following new pension law
2007-02-09 Debilitating illness pushes TV celeb over the edge
2007-02-10 Wind down with a Weekly wrap-up
2007-02-10 What to do if a groped gal fingers you
2007-02-12 What's hot? Chocolate, you sexy thing!
2007-02-13 Soothsaying schoolgirls read the future in an open palm -- to the face
2007-02-14 Valentine Day chocolates: From the heart, or mere handovers?
2007-02-15 More young people seeing the charms of 'friends with benefits'
2007-02-16 Koyuki set to return after agency agonies kick her out of the spotlight
2007-02-16 Gigantic J-cup model left lopsided after breast implosion
2007-02-17 Japan's hot springs losing their bounce, sinking fast
2007-02-18 Valentine's Day over, but still plenty of love from the weeklies
2007-02-19 Hokkaido locals want their own slice of secret Aussie winter wonderland at Niseko
2007-02-20 Why Japanese guys don't give head -- here's the 'science'!
2007-02-21 Cooties getting under your skin? Blame global warming!
2007-02-22 Frisky femmes frolic in Fukuoka foam
2007-02-23 'Slow sex' expert says no short cut to good love hotel hanky-panky
2007-02-23 500 million yen, foreign lover all part of mystery disappearance of third Kano sister
2007-02-24 Your gut-wrenching guide to gastronomic gross-outs
2007-02-26 Japan's king of porn gets his hands dirty once again -- on the farm
2007-02-27 Students at 'McEnglish' schools taste the spit in the burger
2007-02-28 Japan's once-prestigious flight attendants hit turbulence over low pay, no perks
2007-03-01 Cosplaying Akihabara girls have their eyes on your wallets (and your earwax)
2007-03-02 No Oscar for Rinko Kikuchi, but set to snag some golden contracts instead
2007-03-02 Weekly digs deep for the scoop on the poop
2007-03-03 Internet cafes: shelters for Japan's 21st century lumpenproletariat
2007-03-03 Spring has sprung with the weeklies
2007-03-05 Tour company charges 20,000 yen for a golden shower
2007-03-06 Blow up love-doll business puts boom into boom-boom
2007-03-07 Old music players turn tables on thriving audio market
2007-03-08 Creator of black rice ball hopes it becomes customers' number two
2007-03-09 Brown rain: Roppongi residents gobsmacked by flying feces
2007-03-09 From AV to TV, Ai Iijima faces the final curtain after doing it 'her way'
2007-03-10 Osaka vs. Tokyo -- vive la difference!
2007-03-10 Sex, lies and the weeklies
2007-03-12 Computer game offers 'Second Life' to those who don't have one
2007-03-13 Stalker victim lashes out at actress Ishihara
2007-03-13 Punk priestess grinds out grudge to attract lost souls to Tabby Temple
2007-03-14 Looking to move? P.I.s pledge to check for skeletons, stalkers or bugs in the closet
2007-03-15 Original 'Hard Gay' Ken Togo speaks on politics, freedom, and holding cocks
2007-03-16 Writer Usagi Nakamura graduates from call girls and rent boys to have a crack at S&M
2007-03-16 Men are from Mars, Japanese women have their Venusian citizenship revoked
2007-03-17 Banker's bucolic bonk becomes odious ordeal
2007-03-17 Wild wantonness from the weeklies
2007-03-19 Otaku-boom opportunists have businesses buried in wave of frilly petticoats
2007-03-20 Wine bath for the nads, mud pack for the sack pledges heavenly pleasure
2007-03-21 In the hands of mean teens, cell phones becoming WMDs
2007-03-22 Trainer recommends don't bother teaching old dog any tricks
2007-03-23 Call girl service sticks out from the crowd by offering nipple-nuzzling threeway
2007-03-23 With their high-living beau banged up, Horiemon's Honeys crash back to earth
2007-03-24 High-class hooker service goes down hard
2007-03-24 Talk of the tabloids
2007-03-26 Victim of virgin-killer children's home teacher tells a tale of sex and obsession
2007-03-27 Sour dairy industry raises its glasses to Bilk beer brew
2007-03-28 You gotta party for your right to fight
2007-03-29 Programmable pork barrels teach 20-somethings how to save more than their bacon
2007-03-30 40-year veteran of ecchi manga Go Nagai says brains more fun than boobs
2007-03-30 Loose lips mean no laughs from playboy TV monolith Monta Mino
2007-03-31 Shoestring traveler ups batting average at short-term guest house
2007-03-31 Cherry blossom tourists aren't the only ones seeing pink, thanks to the weeklies
2007-04-02 Hokkaido villages keep marriage vows all in the family
2007-04-03 Death on the job: Quake in Kabukicho could doom thousands of punters
2007-04-04 Old dog picks up new trick
2007-04-05 Peeved paramedics snub hypochondriac 119 callers
2007-04-05 Lesbian lover-slaying 'Woman of 12 Faces' finally caught after 2-year run from the law
2007-04-05 Beat the quickness with a wrapper of thickness, says condom maker
2007-04-07 Sexless couples seek ways to make do
2007-04-09 Ginza's ugliest mama-san laughing all the way to the bank
2007-04-10 Rabbit hutches of the '70s degenerate into hamster homes of the '00s
2007-04-11 Boom or bust: Breast milk ballyhooed to beat the bulge
2007-04-12 U.S. man awarded $786,760 in testicle injury lawsuit
2007-04-12 Sex shops add touch of pink to fading rural shopping streets
2007-04-13 Etsuko Komiya's cheating toyboy husband finally ditched after 7-year divorce
2007-04-13 Fukuoka family cult members request pension payments from beyond the grave
2007-04-14 Store boss turns tables on thrill-seeking shoplifter
2007-04-14 That was the week that was with the weeklies
2007-04-16 English teachers private lessons sometimes a little too private
2007-04-17 Thanks to mobile phones, a fling is just a ring away
2007-04-18 Trio of handicapped toughs strut their stuff in Shinjuku
2007-04-19 Eyesore enthusiasts get hard over naked concrete collections
2007-04-20 Iconic gay magazine has revolving door installed in financial closet
2007-04-20 Thinking man's idol Rei Kikukawa shows off the boobs as well as the brains
2007-04-21 Love-starved servicemen easy marks for honey traps
2007-04-21 What has more neck than a giraffe and more cheek than a baboon?
2007-04-23 McRefugees feast on 100-yen sleepover sets
2007-04-25 Baby, take off your dress, but you can leave your facemask on!
2007-04-26 Go, Speed Racer! Gooooooo! (to Hollywood)
2007-04-27 Moggies and marshmallows among Japan's second favorite kind of stuffed suit
2007-04-27 Skyscraping Shizu-chan picky about who gets to pop her cherry
2007-04-28 OLs reveal their latest tactics for the workplace 'encounter'
2007-04-30 What's new with the weeklies
2007-04-30 Stressed teachers indulging their wild sides with coworkers, parents -- and students
2007-05-01 'Noise pollution granny' set to crank up neighborhood again
2007-05-02 Dirty attempts to lower real estate values leave neighborhoods crying foul
2007-05-03 Maggots: Tiny, wriggling, white gods of Toyokawa
2007-05-04 Primate professors want TV's Pan-kun to start making like an ape man
2007-05-04 Cretinous Chiba coppers put to shame in hunt for murderer of Lindsay Ann Hawker
2007-05-05 Newshounds hungry for Mikitty to let the cat out of the bag
2007-05-07 Overpaid, underachieving Osaka cops scoop 'Japan's worst police force' title
2007-05-08 400 million yen Kano Sisters heist hushed to protect the source of the wedge?
2007-05-09 'Nation's lousiest' police put sadist sergeant behind bars after enema blackmail
2007-05-10 Korean otaku turn aprons up at 'moe' warm, fuzzy feelings
2007-05-11 Two minute tug on the rug can help you lose weight, look more beautiful
2007-05-12 Money burning a hole in your pocket? Learn how to flash the cash, Hamasaki-style
2007-05-12 Authoress probes the cruel aesthetics of SM in Roppongi
2007-05-12 Golden Week's over, and the weeklies are back on the case
2007-05-14 Cops say man acquitted of Blackman murder won't dodge the bullet a second time
2007-05-15 Terrifying Thunderbird rapist as bold as a runaway train
2007-05-16 'Wilted women' warm to Boy's Love manga
2007-05-17 Japan's schoolyard bullies go high-tech, teachers left eating virtual dust
2007-05-18 Weekly hacks expose the dirty secrets of squeaky-clean soaplands
2007-05-18 Table tennis tenderfoot paddles prodigy's public image 14-love
2007-05-19 Bam! The weeklies knock it up a notch
2007-05-21 Mammoth burgers lead marketers' greasy charge to a porkier Nippon
2007-05-22 Busybody neighbors can't keep their noses out of other people's business, or trash!
2007-05-23 Outcalls to offices boost salarymen's overtime morale
2007-05-24 Drunken sarge's assault on airwoman blows the lid off Japan's sexist air service
2007-05-25 Newscaster Christel Takigawa basks in ratings spike after unleashing the pheromones
2007-05-25 Fetid food factory requires Pied Piper's services
2007-05-26 Densha otaku infatuated with working on the railroad
2007-05-26 Weekly tabloid mags in full swing
2007-05-28 Japan's biggest male porno star finds his career going flaccid
2007-05-29 Bra maker boosts voter turnout with a different kind of ballot box stuffing
2007-05-30 Crazed teens spice up gang-bashing by adding girl's cut off finger to curry pot
2007-05-31 Osaka panchira bar offering barfly fishing for skirt reeling in the punters
2007-06-01 Pervy private school pedagogue pinched for purloining ex-pupil's panties
2007-06-01 Friend of Hawker murderer Tatsuya Ichihashi tells of his predilection for white girls
2007-06-01 Rumors fly over whether 'Never Give Up' singer Izumi Sakai finally gave up
2007-06-02 Stewardess learns the hard way that flashing the flesh can result in digital disgrace
2007-06-02 Weekly rags have Japan's under covered
2007-06-04 Rice queen dethroned after going against the grain once too often
2007-06-05 Farmer takes on Gallic gangs and Japanese desk jockeys to raise succulent snails
2007-06-07 Random rump ripper leaves unkindest cut of all
2007-06-08 A curious oral encounter with contrite ex-cop
2007-06-09 Churlish Chinese chided for chundering on chagrined Japan
2007-06-09 The weeklies -- the 300 holding back the rampant hordes of good taste
2007-06-11 Punters snub Miss Universe for lacking Japanese 'cuteness'
2007-06-11 Leering at Lolitas legal, but nonetheless loathsome
2007-06-12 Jaws' ready to bite into top dog's hot dog crown
2007-06-13 New firm ready to shake up graveyard industry with quake-proof cemeteries
2007-06-14 Priests purify losing lottery tickets to burn away bad luck
2007-06-15 Japan's agony aunts feel the high moral ground slipping from under their feet
2007-06-16 The disciplined world of Japan's new Miss Universe
2007-06-16 Wicked weeklies make summer sizzle
2007-06-18 Belly dancing beats the battle of the beer gut
2007-06-19 Homegrown hero Chojin Neiga takes on Akita's Tragic Triple Crown blues
2007-06-20 Brothers doing it for themselves at the Japan Cherry Boy Association
2007-06-21 Tokyo Disneyland to join Davy Jones and the Little Mermaid at the bottom of the briny?
2007-06-22 Pin-up girls Yinling of Joytoy, Yoko Kamon have intimates bared after MPD file leak
2007-06-22 Comic Yell serves up girly manga for manly men
2007-06-23 Pinup gal Hoshino purportedly posed as pretty sushi platter
2007-06-23 Cheeky weeklies hit melting point
2007-06-25 Shrine offers spiritual support to ward off pesky ex
2007-06-26 Teachers crying foul over unhygienic kids
2007-06-27 Death Row's curry killer to stir up election pot
2007-06-28 Carefree minors treat unwanted pregnancies like a dose of the clap
2007-06-29 Overuse a cell, and zap your brain cells
2007-06-29 Porn-born TV star's search for Mr. Goodbar reaches climax
2007-06-30 Sexaholics anonymous groupies let it all hang out
2007-06-30 Weeklies get wet and wild in rainy season
2007-07-02 Nude news: Driving your tax money further
2007-07-03 Evil Akita couple killed son for interrupting sex in car
2007-07-04 Mr. Toilet flush with success after developing self-cleaning loo
2007-07-05 Picky Japanese princesses pass on putrid peckers
2007-07-06 Fallen star hits rock bottom after meteoric demise
2007-07-06 STDs spreading to Japan's older ranks
2007-07-06 Sex coated with honey makes you more money, fuzoku fillies find
2007-07-07 Dive in at the deep end with Japan's wild weeklies
2007-07-09 Might as well face it, you're addicted to sex
2007-07-10 Resident pooches save Osaka canine cafe from going to the dogs
2007-07-11 Rewards for fugitives highlights cops' clumsiness
2007-07-12 Rubik's Cube sex' peddled as latest cure for Japan's bedroom bashfuls
2007-07-13 New mobile service gives users face time with celebrities (kind of)
2007-07-13 Arrogant and dumb: Local celeb hacks slam Miss Universe Riyo Mori
2007-07-14 Discarded women sell spring out of crumbling 'chon-no-ma' brothel
2007-07-14 The weeklies: Slippery when wet
2007-07-16 Girls get good grip on sex technique at booty boot camp
2007-07-17 Beauty is in the eye of hot new site members
2007-07-18 Husbands sing to wives: 'I've lost that loving feeling ...'
2007-07-19 Come hell or high water, noodle fans get their fix with canned ramen
2007-07-20 Sex workers rally behind politician over raunchy guide book row
2007-07-20 Egos, abortion or mutts -- what caused the Ayu-Nagase split?
2007-07-21 Business pundit: 'Blame it on the boss of NOVA'
2007-07-21 More dirt than a week-long hippy mudfest from the weeklies
2007-07-23 Gray generation puts 'pink' economy back in the black
2007-07-24 Defense Ministry turns to 'Lolita' manga character to reveal inner self
2007-07-25 Lonely karaoke lovers crooning it my way
2007-07-26 Cross-dressing festival lives up to its queer billing
2007-07-27 Tourist tat touts take home the big money thanks to homeboy character souvenirs
2007-07-27 Family birthday bash puts kybosh on Ryoko Hirosue marriage split rumors
2007-07-28 Gain comes at cost of pain, teen tarts discover
2007-07-28 Get a lovin' spoonful of the weeklies
2007-07-29 Nourishing, perhaps; nauseating, definitely! Japanese worm burger a fast food flop
2007-07-31 Sex shops sweating ahead of World Athletics Championships
2007-08-01 Jaded Japanese women can't get no satisfaction
2007-08-02 Bonsai biker traverses Tokyo to tout tiny trees
2007-08-03 Takumi's Virtual Hole offers a glimpse into Japan's adult toy land
2007-08-03 Rabuho offer a swing and a miss for Hitomi Kuroki fans
2007-08-04 Manga heroines 'Mountain Woman' and 'Wall Woman' help boob tube live up to its name
2007-08-05 Join the weeklies' summer of love
2007-08-06 Gunma prefecture officially home of the homeliest
2007-08-07 If you knew the Ainu that I knew ...
2007-08-08 Abe's election nightmare blamed on putting pampered pooch ahead of public
2007-08-09 It's candy or bust for stressed-out 'gropaholics'
2007-08-10 Seiko Matsuda: Finding success in all the wrong places
2007-08-10 The salaryman and the sloth -- where opposites attract
2007-08-11 A healthy helping hand that won't deplete your wallet
2007-08-12 It's boom-boom or busts for this week's smut rags
2007-08-13 Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus
2007-08-14 Stretch the sack technique helps workout fans have a ball
2007-08-15 Midget actor stands tall in Japanese entertainment world
2007-08-16 Booze and flattery: The dark art of getting her to give it up on a first date
2007-08-17 Zen and the art of sex guidebooks
2007-08-17 Queen of the cover girls asked to turn over a new leaf
2007-08-18 Japanese experiment with laid-back living abroad
2007-08-18 What's shaking in Weekliesville?
2007-08-20 24-hour Paradise TV porn spree lets viewers get their rocks off for a better cause
2007-08-21 Craftsman abuzz as he strives to give couples the ultimate pleasure
2007-08-22 Fashion critic cries, 'If the hot pants don't fit, don't wear 'em!'
2007-08-23 Latest Akihabara geek fetish? One-eyed virginal maid mummies
2007-08-25 Walking on the wild side with the weeklies
2007-08-27 Butt-biting bug munches on Japanese tush in a quest for the golden (be)hind
2007-08-28 Testicles and tentacles: Seamen show their derring-do by doing denizens of the deep
2007-08-29 Quirky, eccentric or just plain weird? Join the club!
2007-08-30 Rising sons and daughters get naked as J-birds
2007-08-31 Preserve Japan's tacky shag shacks as World Heritage sites, says love hotel aficionad
2007-08-31 Sex camel Ai Iijima whines about dry spell despite cosy link with Ni-Chaneru boss
2007-09-01 Hot action at service areas sends drivers on the road again
2007-09-02 Ladies loose-lipped on sex, but masturbation gets diddly squat
2007-09-04 Latest investment tip: Have a dabble in the hot love hotel market
2007-09-05 New sharp-shooting 'toilet showers' get straight to the point
2007-09-06 Lonely lawmen hooked on hookers
2007-09-08 Keeping it clean, Meiji-style: The rise of the condom in Japan
2007-09-10 Live the samurai dream with your own castle
2007-09-11 Cops see through porn watchdog's fuzzy stance on private patchwork
2007-09-12 More gals turning backs on career jobs to feel 'wanted' turning tricks
2007-09-13 All aboard, the night soil train!!!
2007-09-14 Caught in the act, Sapporo serial rapist chooses death over capture
2007-09-15 Catfights common as females fiercely flay one other in the workplace
2007-09-15 The rich, famous and powerful tremble before the might of the weeklies
2007-09-17 The Cook, the Beast, the Vice and its Lover
2007-09-18 Tokugawa clan looks to slam the gate on future chief's marriage to foreigner
2007-09-19 Cuddling up to creepy creatures using the espresso hold is no laughing matter
2007-09-20 Puchi Puchi bubble wrap toy pops one foul poop too many
2007-09-21 Sexperts tout erotic image training as the secret to a beautiful mind
2007-09-22 Prurient peeping pics of perky pingpong player are pretenders, porn pundit proclaims
2007-09-22 They fly past the truth with the greatest of ease: This week's weeklies
2007-09-24 Shaved heads, liquor and ... sutras? Buddhist priest beat combo gig in Tokyo tavern
2007-09-25 More than meets the eye as sumo stablemaster not turning Japanese
2007-09-26 Let's get physical with a fitness fling!
2007-09-27 Belly buster drug brings bulging profits
2007-09-28 How low can they go? Pseudo pedo-porn peddlers loll in lascivious limbo
2007-09-30 Slow Life, Slow Sex: Feeling good right into the womb
2007-09-29 Athletic Waseda co-ed arouses school spirit (and classmates' libidos) in sensual DVD
2007-10-01 Humanoid toy makes quantum leap for robotics: Artificial Indolence
2007-10-02 'Paris Cannibal' Sagawa still hungers for attention
2007-10-03 Italy's kimono-draped church prays for immaculate concept
2007-10-04 After failing honesty test, NOVA tightens the screws on teachers
2007-10-05 Ladies, the J-guys have spoken: One night stands are out, facials are in
2007-10-06 Tabloid Tidbits: Salarymen struggle as new law menaces gaijin nightspots
2007-10-06 Impressive info on intrepid instructors who initiate illicit intercourse
2007-10-08 Jeepers creepers, your love hotel might be crawling with peepers
2007-10-09 Duped lonely hearts claim their pink cherries never blossom
2007-10-10 Religious freedom rings death knell for Japan's rice-paddy Christians
2007-10-11 Can't afford to get a divorce? Lend an ear to bank's 'Re Life Plan'
2007-10-12 They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, they say there's geekdom in the air
2007-10-12 Princess Aiko doesn't bow. Wow.
2007-10-13 Bouncy bus beauties ensure enjoyable excursions culminate in a carefree climax
2007-10-15 Tabloid Tidbits: Criminally inclined cops creep out crime-concerned capital's citizen
2007-10-15 The Japanese Kama Sutra: Forty-eight ways to bruise your lover
2007-10-16 Pedophile principal the ultimate pro in luring prey for perverted pics
2007-10-17 Stressed-out Japanese too busy to sleep
2007-10-18 'Quickfire Koizumi' still premier of premature pervert pronouncements
2007-10-19 Burgeoning embalming biz caters for modern day mummies
2007-10-20 Ditzy Edo damsels delighted in diddling with dildos
2007-10-20 Tabloid Tidbits: Torched teen a sad sign of Okinawa's booming underage boom-boom biz
2007-10-22 Panty sellers roll in the cash by rolling off their soiled skimpies in disabled toilets
2007-10-23 Beauty is in the buzzed beholder of Snow White and the 7 Tulip rotors
2007-10-24 Wanton wives and gagging girlfriends stay leg-loose and panty-free
2007-10-25 Rappers keep the kamikaze spirit alive
2007-10-26 Foreigners on deportation row launch hunger strike over bugged grub
2007-10-27 The 'Sleeping Dragon' next door wakes up with a woody
2007-10-27 Tabloid Tidbits: Love doll photo contest a Dutch wife treat
2007-10-29 Adult-aid maker creates tool to give evolution a helping hand
2007-10-30 Nose hairs, bad breath ... porn queen fingers filthy turn-offs
2007-10-31 Ganguro, Goth gals come together to close dark past with 'Sweet Lolita' trend
2007-11-01 Friendless fascists pay high price to be Mr Right
2007-11-02 Offbeat 'panty bar' offers uninhibited lust with the improper stranger
2007-11-02 Bring NOVA back from the brink -- or the bunny gets it
2007-11-02 Anna Tsuchiya fesses up to underage boozing, sends NHK haring into damage control mode
2007-11-03 Tabloid Tidbits: How the morning glory tells a story
2007-11-05 Wanted: Talented mosaic artist with a flair for the flange
2007-11-06 From blow-up dolls to invisible fiances, fantasy weddings no match made in heaven
2007-11-07 As online panty recycle biz blooms, traditional trade hits the skids
2007-11-07 Women's winter fashion sale
2007-11-08 Lord of the 'latex lovelies' blows load of cash on airheaded amour
2007-11-09 Rotten SOD stoops to dirty tricks to pull off porn prizes
2007-11-10 Oh-la-la! Lovers of yore no strangers to soixante-neuf, says sex savant
2007-11-10 Bubble pops on erotic bathhouse for ladies
2007-11-12 Deck the boss in cosplay folly for a good old Christmas roast
2007-11-13 Japan turns to big, bold Buddha, Kinki Kids to set the (loopy) record straight!
2007-11-14 Deep breathing and the art of giving the pipe a good blow
2007-11-15 Prisoners scream for deviate doctor to pull his finger(s!) out over anal antics
2007-11-16 From soup to stardom: A professional pornster's life in the jizz biz
2007-11-17 ER,' 'Chicago Hope' can't hold a stethoscope to Heisei's hubba-hubba hospitals
2007-11-17 Tabloid Tidbits: Close encounters over Tokyo beer factory
2007-11-19 Japanese firms gone barking mad? Employees offered 'pet perks'
2007-11-20 Smile! You're on waaay too candid a camera!
2007-11-21 Pedophile nerd gets hard lesson on not stiffing teen hookers
2007-11-22 All's fair in love, war, and the vending machine game
2007-11-23 All aboard the flower train for a taste of Japan's vintage erotica
2007-11-24 Hair down there: obsessed beaver buffs brush up on a bushy subject
2007-11-24 Tabloid Tidbits: Predators extorting sex fromschoolgirls lured into cell-phone porn
2007-11-26 Japan's grey public housing monsters: Sexy? Evil? Or just plain ugly?
2007-11-27 Fortune favors those with red bloated genitals on a 'treasure boat' sprinkled with go
2007-11-28 Burning desire for revenge? 'The Avenger' passes the acid test
2007-11-29 Salarymen wise up with 'amazing' smart drugs
2007-11-29 Tabloid Tidbits: Bungling undie bandit's career hits the skids
2007-11-30 Gunma gourmands unveil the serendipity sandwich: Natto, coffee jelly and cream
2007-11-30 Congratulations to Thailand's King Bhumipol on his 80th birthday
2007-12-01 Our Gang comedy: yakuza toughs take in Kyoto's ancient traditions
2007-12-03 Frisky filmmaker zooms in on Japan's 'palaces of hidden treasures'
2007-12-04 Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual
2007-12-05 School libraries get textbooks that give the A to Z of AV
2007-12-06 Cops pull plug on cabaret club serving pee on the rocks, plates of pubes
2007-12-07 Idol curiosity has cybernetic songstress striking a chord with parents
2007-12-08 Magazines appealing to flaky 'sukatoro' fetishists fulfill a fascination for feces
2007-12-08 Tabloid Tidbits: Kiddy knicker fetishist 'friendly', according to neighbours
2007-12-10 One molested workforce, one education empire... one Nazi pervert leader
2007-12-11 Foreigners' Home Sweet 'Homi' greeted by local cold shoulder
2007-12-12 Christian missionary spreads the word ... and legs of 14-year-old girl
2007-12-13 Skittled bowling world turns to sexy schoolgirl spinner to strike up revival
2007-12-14 Hanryu boom on the way out, a crush of Korean call girls on the way in
2007-12-14 Hushed-up rape rumors swirl round sumo's bad boy Asashoryu
2007-12-15 Tabloid Tidbits: Old dog's new trick saves senile granny's life, cops mutt-er thanks
2007-12-15 Reporter reveals raunchy rip-offs rampant in sleazy Shimbashi
2007-12-17 What's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster Mom?
2007-12-18 Looking for toasty tootsies on the cheap? Try the humble hot water bottle
2007-12-19 Present-hunting parents say domo arigato, Mr. Airboto
2007-12-19 Singapore shines even after the sun goes down
2007-12-20 It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga
2007-12-21 Sozzled salarymen bust out Engrish Enka to score karaoke style points
2007-12-21 Murdered Briton's killer Tatsuya Ichihashi still confounding cops nine month
2007-12-22 All aboard! Brazenly bawdy exhibitionists engage in early-morning rail romps
2007-12-22 Tabloid Tidbits: Imposter otaku put untimely end to maid taxis for disabled
2007-12-24 Teacher outs own student-centric kiddy porn stash after blackmail threats
2007-12-25 Private dicks help old flames reignite smoldering desire
2007-12-25 Emperor Akihito meets the press
2007-12-26 Popular personality presents prizes for '07's most improper puns
2007-12-27 Sponsors stomach ad nausea stirred up by salacious slots on boob tube
2007-12-27 Tabloid Tidbits: Sake maker proposes drinking to your health
2007-12-28 Golden arches lose their glitter as employees expose McDonald's greasing the labor la
2007-12-28 Inside the mind of Sasebo shooter Masayoshi Magome
2007-12-29 Depraved deri-heru delights for ringing in the year with a bawdy bang
2007-12-31 Fukui bigwigs reckon it's not about performance, it's whether you get the crabs
Tags: discrimination, hentai, mainichi daily news, mainichi newspapers, mainichi shimbun, sex offender, sexism, waiwai
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