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Headlines of WaiWai column (1999-2001)

Headlines of the Mainichi Newspapers' WaiWai column (1999-2001):

1999-05-02 International marriages all tied up in knots
1999-08-31 Weight-obsessed mums take it out on the kids
1999-09-26 Are you man enough to wear girl's shoes to work
1999-09-26 Hooked on sex
1999-10-31 Sexy scams taking horny gents for a ride Sunday

2000-05-07 All gals have a price even for a knock from Knock
2000-06-04 Japanese porn queens shooting for stardom in US
2000-06-18 Wanted! Panty pincher targeting women in skirts
2000-09-24 Foreign intelligence agencies spy land of rising opportunity Shukan
2000-09-24 Mr. Tool' makes a splash with latest pleasure probe
2000-11-19 IT revolution bastardizing the Japanese language
2000-12-10 More gals challenge male preserve of promiscuity

2001-03-11 Truckers deliver the goods to seductive ladies of the house
2001-03-11 Gaijin grapplers muscle in on the sacred dohyo
2001-03-18 Professional accident victims preying on the gullible
2001-03-18 'Himo' school guru claims no strings attached
2001-03-25 Jurassic Park-sized problems stamp on latest theme park
2001-03-25 Ruthless agencies put ax into starlets' careers
2001-04-01 Where are they now? The metamorphosis of the yamanbatribe
2001-04-01 Businessmen beat stiff times at sex shop seminar
2001-04-08 Eco-friendly life taxes families' social life
2001-04-08 Insurance sales gals-cum hookers swallow more than pride
2001-04-17 How come that brown-nosed nerd never gets transferred?
2001-04-19 Dealing with Ex-PM Obuchi's remains a matter of grave concern
2001-04-20 Anal administrators' loopy laws a laugh
2001-04-21 Watch out! Wily women wed your wallet
2001-04-21 Sex junk mail burning cell-phone users' pockets
2001-04-23 Foreign firms slice into under-par golf market
2001-04-24 Gals sell soles to give platform-shoe trend the boot
2001-04-25 Sharing a room with Net strangers no bed of roses
2001-04-26 Cheeky shoplifters making life hell for shop owners
2001-04-27 What's all this blubber over whales?
2001-04-27 UFO found among Nagsaki A-bomb photos
2001-04-28 A hard life ends in tragedy
2001-04-28 Japan's jetsetting jobless
2001-04-28 Don't die! Deaths dividends don't divvy up
2001-04-30 For TV idols, an IQ isn't a plus
2001-05-01 Moms hit by May malady
2001-05-02 Deaf grannies dunk pervert in hot water
2001-05-03 Fishing community robbery turns up a red herring
2001-05-04 Ensnared in a sordid Net
2001-05-05 Plastic surgery gives lip service to women's worries
2001-05-07 No last resort for nation's white elephants
2001-05-08 Truckers tell tall tales of terror and pleasure
2001-05-09 Wanted: Fresh young porno queen
2001-05-10 Women fighting back against date rape
2001-05-11 Limp salarymen seek sympathy, sex
2001-05-12 More than bucks behind bedding the boss
2001-05-13 What? Bonking makes you beautiful?
2001-05-14 Envious workers wreak wretched revenge
2001-05-15 Teachers opening the closets in droves
2001-05-16 Japanese gals give new meaning to being abroad
2001-05-17 Young moms hooked on shopping centers
2001-05-18 Horny computer games get guys reaching for their joy sticks
2001-05-19 Grandpas take crack at child-rearing
2001-05-20 Low-cut jeans offer glimpse of bellybuttons -- and more
2001-05-21 Slippery path separates winners from losers
2001-05-22 Chicks lay golden eggs running sex businesses
2001-05-23 Young women blow smoke at cigarettes' uncool image
2001-05-24 Lifelines a knotty problem for operators
2001-05-25 Enviroment fears zapping people's brains
2001-05-26 Ex-stewardesses offer new type of hospitality service
2001-05-27 Beauty and the bonk
2001-05-28 Shinjo inspiring salarymen to major heights
2001-05-29 Grown men in diapers still getting pocket money
2001-05-30 Fella Mania in the hand worth two in the bush
2001-05-31 Molested girls pay back perverts
2001-06-01 The changing face of fantasy, fashion and flesh
2001-06-02 Himax high school gals shoot the slang
2001-06-03 Monster goes to great lengths to prey on one woman
2001-06-04 Eating ice cream with chopsticks? Only in Japan
2001-06-05 Offbeat erotica pumps porno-maker into big time
2001-06-06 Department stores fed up with freeloading weirdos
2001-06-07 Commuting couples live apart to save marriage
2001-06-08 Pampered pets glitter in gold
2001-06-09 Sexy-slit kimono comes up a cracker
2001-06-10 Fate runs down deadbeat dad
2001-06-11 Women rate the good, the bad and the ugly in bed
2001-06-12 Kinky sex and the great outdoors
2001-06-13 Clubs offer kids orgy of options
2001-06-14 'Free' lifestyle lures job-hoppers into dim future
2001-06-16 Stone the crows! Salarymen resemble black beasts
2001-06-17 Breast bonanza has its knockers
2001-06-18 Perverted pen-pushers bringing the country to its knees
2001-06-20 Dads drop out of rat race to raise rug rats
2001-06-20 Reek rises as gals stick with stinky panties
2001-06-21 Worshippers flock to shrines to ward off stalkers, affairs
2001-06-22 The long, rough road to giving up childbirth
2001-06-22 The long, rough road to giving up childbirth
2001-06-23 Kansai operators pump class into love hotels
2001-06-25 Middle-aged men prove a perfect match for younger gals
2001-06-26 Breaking the 7 habits of highly annoying people
2001-06-27 Air-conditioner addicts chilling relationships
2001-06-28 Fine line between pleasure and pain in orgies of self-love
2001-06-29 Device delights folks with mobile-phone hang-ups
2001-07-01 Posing for perverts pays more than a pittance
2001-07-02 Exercise stiffens old fellers against effects of men-opause
2001-07-03 Parents cough up big bucks to fulfill nuptial fantasy
2001-07-04 Lesbians get together for gay bash
2001-07-05 Irresponsible hubbies put married women in tough dilemna
2001-07-06 Socks, lies and hideous face -- who was that old 'schoolgirl?'
2001-07-07 Ex-Miss Japan hooks up with brothel biz
2001-07-08 Fallen on hard times? Become a politician
2001-07-09 Amateur exhibitionists get off on baring it all
2001-07-10 Stupid surveys leave critics scratching their heads
2001-07-11 Suicides stir up stink in Fuji's fearsome forest
2001-07-12 Abnormal sexuality or pure pride?
2001-07-13 Porky pub pulls punters with fatty fetish
2001-07-14 Dirty doctors' sex slurs flame female physicians' fury
2001-07-15 Osaka cafe aims to zap digital dating's wackos
2001-07-16 Bonsai bond stops babes going bonkers
2001-07-17 Pro baseball, sumo facing extinction
2001-07-18 AIDS clouds lurk over Japan's hot summer
2001-07-19 Psychos terrorize freaked-out nation
2001-07-19 Girl-in-the-box delivers nude surprise
2001-07-20 Relationship busters offer break for hassled lovers
2001-07-21 Guys locked out as services suck up to gals
2001-07-22 Women open up to ease pain of piles
2001-07-23 No sweat as diddling diet success kept under wraps
2001-07-23 7 million female smokers dying to puff in peace
2001-07-24 Spin doctors blow brave stories of grandness
2001-07-24 Dating clubs' demise opens sites for whore eyes
2001-07-25 Young women invade men's sexual turf
2001-07-26 Kansai merchants tap into death, danger
2001-07-27 Uncontrollable crime wave swamps cyberspace
2001-07-28 Uncontrollable crime wave swamps cyberspace
2001-07-29 Sex kitten cashes in on Ichiro's fly ball
2001-07-30 Sweaty weather stokes fresh train tactics for molesters
2001-07-31 Gals chasing perfection with a scalpel
2001-08-01 Roaches encroach on Japanese masculinity
2001-08-02 Businessmen sucking on iced breasts to stave off summer heat
2001-08-03 No love lost between foreign hookers and Japanese Johns
2001-08-03 Virile virgins celibate the night away
2001-08-04 Net's smooth talkers play Cupid for romantic dorks
2001-08-05 Volcano town erupts into tourist attraction
2001-08-06 Trifles traumatize self-centered women
2001-08-07 Blind, itchy -- pornmakers prod erotica's boundaries
2001-08-08 Cabbies cop fare share of back seat action
2001-08-09 Sex shops run afoul of hit-miss cops
2001-08-10 Black faced idol turns in the tan
2001-08-11 Fat free fetish gives birth to tiny tot trend
2001-08-12 Dick-doctors wince at dangerous strokes
2001-08-13 Holiday time, when spirits soar and so do prices
2001-08-14 Pilgrimage tours send housewives to heaven
2001-08-15 Japan bares all in wartime stripshow
2001-08-15 Public baths scrub up to stay afloat
2001-08-16 Weekend Hippies weed out the stress
2001-08-17 Enka singers strip off crusty image for queer new look
2001-08-18 Demon's doting daddy having a devil of a time
2001-08-19 Skillet killer out of the frying pan into the fire
2001-08-20 Net nymphos tap into male masses
2001-08-22 Bimbo TV broadcasters bungle their Japanese
2001-08-23 Vexed virgins, make haste, don't be chaste!
2001-08-24 Dud 'Pearl Harbor' scores direct hit in Japan
2001-08-25 Broken bodies, costumed devils steam up love hotel tales
2001-08-26 Dirty diners lose appetite for no-panty fare
2001-08-27 Gal-hunting guys sweeten to male bonding
2001-08-28 Burgers and beef bowls spur sex shop strategy
2001-08-29 Spunky sexagenarian says she'll be a grand mom
2001-08-30 Recession-hit rebels turn cheek ... and kiss butt!
2001-08-31 Hey honey, remember when we used to have sex?
2001-09-01 Mere mortals worm their way to ward off the Reaper
2001-09-02 Masturbation maketh the man
2001-09-03 Wanton women wield weighty ax into whimps
2001-09-04 Jailed birds squawk over stuffed cells
2001-09-05 King of the office, bane of the babes
2001-09-06 Private eyes cut through online-Romeos' crap
2001-09-07 Baseball legend's legacy scores orgasmic home run
2001-09-08 Sex workers see it all -- and then some!
2001-09-09 A diddle a day takes gals' diet pains away
2001-09-11 Wicked wives whip corporate warriors
2001-09-12 Middle-aged gals hooked on swinging matchmaking parties
2001-09-13 Staying alive in wild Kabukicho
2001-09-14 Brothels bleeding businessmen seeking top-class romp
2001-09-15 Professor pinched for randy romp with boy
2001-09-16 Call girls cursed by oddball, odious orders
2001-09-17 Undersexed wives crying out for a little action between the sheets
2001-09-18 Vigilante vagrants vow vengeance on violent youth
2001-09-19 Hermits lock the door -- and throw away the key
2001-09-20 Private peepshow encourages couples to pull patrons
2001-09-21 Japan bends its gender agenda
2001-09-21 Retailers ravished by 5-fingered discount
2001-09-22 Jaunting Japanese see terror tragedy as tour treat
2001-09-23 Gals shape up for success in the sack
2001-09-24 Ex-strippers flood airwaves with amorous advice
2001-09-25 Depressed lovers send partners questing for cure
2001-09-26 Quirky tours perk up jaded Japanese
2001-09-27 Beating the blues depressing in itself
2001-09-28 Male teachers tugged by teen temptations
2001-09-29 Cat fighting sex kittens no pussies
2001-09-30 Shinto priest pays pilgrimage to perversion
2001-10-01 Happiness is a gay parade
2001-10-02 Sex criminals targeting street-wise school girls
2001-10-03 Taking the bite out of terrier terror
2001-10-04 Sex shops dishing out smutty smorgasbord
2001-10-05 Japanese boo, bless ban on bonking
2001-10-06 Tranny pinched for stripping rival clean
2001-10-07 Frog pudding chucks up prankster fears
2001-10-08 Birds flock to become flying waitresses
2001-10-09 Seats of sensuality set to rock lovers' worlds
2001-10-10 Stale spouses pining for platonic playmates
2001-10-11 World Cup faces red card over terrorism jitters
2001-10-12 You know your nymph has become a nag when...
2001-10-13 Broadcast bimbos bare naked lust to hook perverted profession
2001-10-14 "Tokyo Confidential" -- The secret best seller among foreign correspondents
2001-10-14 New law beats up wife-bashers
2001-10-15 Reeking, disease-riddled teens infect Shibuya
2001-10-16 Delivery sex services rolling out tempty, tasty treats
2001-10-17 Terrorist attacks spark consumers' fantasies
2001-10-18 Ups and downs behind the scenes filming 'a bit of the in and out'
2001-10-19 'House full' signs greet Friday refugees
2001-10-20 Cops in drag aim to bring snatch-&-grab thief to heel
2001-10-21 Evil twin had better-half bopped for bucks
2001-10-22 Girl stalk no idle threat for men
2001-10-23 Society's kings dolling up as secret queens
2001-10-24 Women trapped in the Net of love
2001-10-25 'Sterilized' love hotels dripping with disease
2001-10-26 Blokes bust into their bra fantasies
2001-10-27 Lusty ladies shopping streets for meaty treats
2001-10-28 Filthy frame exposes teacher's failings of flesh
2001-10-29 Sexless -- and proud of it!
2001-10-30 Compassionate cabbies cheer up the crowds
2001-10-31 Fellas fulfilled with frugal fornication
2001-11-01 Workplace weirdos -- every office has one
2001-11-02 Desperate company dining halls dishing up treats
2001-11-03 Schools 'screwing up' sex education
2001-11-04 I didn't cheat on you darling,I was drunk!
2001-11-05 Crabs creep into no pan shabu shabu menu
2001-11-06 Mobile phones: A lethal weapon in waiting
2001-11-07 Japanese gals swoon to bumbling 'Bridget Jones'
2001-11-08 Schoolgirl games of frame the pervert turn deadly
2001-11-09 Virtual vigilantes vilify schoolgirl for groping grift
2001-11-10 Senior citizen sex toy trade giving oldies the goodies
2001-11-11 Soccer star red carded for raunchy romp with pubescent prostitute
2001-11-12 Housewife hookers hustle for little steel balls
2001-11-13 Fukuoka pink parlor fools with fist games
2001-11-14 Moms worried child discipline plunging into abuse abyss
2001-11-15 Bonking biddies always in their prime
2001-11-16 Cruel killings renew fears of serial psycho savagery
2001-11-17 Ignorance bursts balloon in condom sales
2001-11-18 Kyushu chews fat over sagging state of sumo
2001-11-19 Life anything but swinging for single men in their 30s
2001-11-20 Beware: Gross gropers warming up for winter feel
2001-11-21 Modern men let it all out with a big bawl
2001-11-22 Soothsayers rise from dead after terrorist attacks
2001-11-23 Stores suck up to mom-daughter couples
2001-11-25 Mama murderer staged crash for cash
2001-11-26 Casual chicks need little excuse to hop in the sack
2001-11-27 Clueless young workers leave bosses scratching their heads
2001-11-28 Loser lovers treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen
2001-11-29 Something fishy about new ways to make a quid from squid
2001-11-30 Fearless females riding the recession on top
2001-12-01 Tough ol' trucker no match for young lovers' baseball bat
2001-12-02 Freaky fetishes still fetching far-out fees
2001-12-03 Pink trade spurting new growth despite economy flopping
2001-12-04 Love-hungry gals set sights on Mr. Sensitive
2001-12-05 Middle-aged men exploding with rail rage
2001-12-06 Working magic on gals gone Harry Potter potty
2001-12-07 No chat about farting or fat,we are ladies after all
2001-12-08 "Take your job and shove it!"
2001-12-09 Automaker axes ad after "slant-eyed" slipup
2001-12-10 The goofs & gags geezers grope at to pull a hostess
2001-12-11 Legal loopholes let lechers loose while penalizing petty perverts
2001-12-12 From samurai swords to sex attacks,married life anything but bliss
2001-12-13 Houses of ill-repute offer the world between the legs
2001-12-14 'Tis the season for women to be wary
2001-12-15 Kinky cops get long shaft of the law
2001-12-16 Pornographic pubes prove hairy problem for prudes
2001-12-17 From back biting to wreaking revenge -- the sinister side of mothers' clubs
2001-12-18 Long schlong silvers afraid to let it all hang out
2001-12-19 Gals splash the cash on adulterous cravings of the flesh
2001-12-20 Ambiguous attitudes vex kiddy sex laws
2001-12-21 Pickpockets feast on season of over indulgence
2001-12-22 Beef bowl-n-bonk offers carnal carnival for carnivores
2001-12-23 Porno pulp lends a hand to wipe away moral decay
2001-12-24 Pampered princesses crave Christmas romance, or else
2001-12-25 It's the thought -- not what you bought -- that counts at Christmas
2001-12-26 Gals grapple for stick-flick sumo
2001-12-27 Provocative paraphernalia provides
2001-12-28 Fellas feeling the backlash of sexual harassment across their butts
2001-12-29 Bloomer seller turn starlet tries to cover up golden past
2001-12-30 Year of the Horse a great time for wild stallions to ride
2001-12-31 Fare maidens give their chauffeured chauvinists short shrift
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