E.Rubinstein (e_rubinstein) wrote,

The WaiWai Affair

Keep Children Away From WaiWai Gaijin
WaiWai had been one of the worst hotbeds of perverts and molesters on the Internet for nine years since 1998. All the readers of the hotbed were either 'hentai (perverts)' or potential sex offenders!

Ryann Connell, the 29-year-old Mainichi Daily News' WaiWai staff writer who destroyed his career has deliberately dug up outright fictions from obscene tabloid magazines and embellished them to make them more suggestive and keep his column popular with his fans. His salacious and bizarre columns vividly reflected not only his prejudice against women but also the character of them.
  • Get wet and go wild: housewife rakes in extra loot at the neighborhood body wash
  • Ladies loose-lipped on sex, but masturbation gets diddly squat
  • Teachers come not-so-clean on their sexy moonlighting jobs
  • Picky princesses pass on putrid peckers
  • Pleasures of peering at plummeting pink petals provoke primal passions

Judging from their favorite columns on WaiWai and comments that they made on Readers' Forum, it seemed as if they were either perverts or potential sex offenders or else they had trauma of some sort in their backgrouds.

To be continued.
Tags: discrimination, hentai, mainichi daily news, mainichi newspapers, mainichi shimbun, sex offender, sexism, waiwai
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